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A heavy-duty, long-lasting, vibratory irrigation blade

designed for the ultimate trenchless solution. 

The replaceable Edge blade is made of hardened tool steel

and is capable of cutting through roots and hard ground with ease. 

All of our Case series Irrigation Blade systems 

are designed for two cut depths of 11" and 15" in the ground

Every Individual component of this system is fully replaceable

and there is a 2 year warranty on the main body component.

The Edge irrigation Blade system is time tested, 

contractor approved and fully reliable.

    11"-15" Case, Vermeer Irrigation Blade System

      • Mounts to all Case, Vermeer and Astec trench machines
      • Cut-depth of 14" below the ground
      • Easy-to-replace Blade insert, clevis and wedges (bullets)
      • Hardened tool-steel blade insert cuts up to 80,000 feet before ever dulling out
      • Replace just the small components that wear out, keep the blade asembly 
      • Main body component comes with a 2 year warranty 
      • Saves you money and down time on the job site

    or Call (248) 348-1630

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