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Why Replace Your WHOLE System When You Could Replace JUST

The Cutting Edge?

Our Edge Irrigation Blade System is designed for an easily replaceable Cutting Blade Insert to save you money 

and to minimize on your down time. 

- Replaceable cutting edge, clevis and wedges (bullets)

- Everything that wears out is fully replaceable

- hardened tool steel insert and wedges

- case hardened body for outside wear-resistants with soft flexible core

​- Serrated edge on the insert cuts through tough roots

- get the blade down and stay down in hard-ground (others float up)

- pull systems in faster, reducing man hours

The Edge is the only Irrigation blade system that allows you to buy a plow blade and only have to replace the much less expensive cutting edge insert- instead of the whole unit; saving you thousands in replacement expenses. Our Cutting Edge Blade Insert is made of a pre-hardened 4140

steel with a 

With The Edge Irrigation Blade System,  ​Every part  that traditionally wears out is quickly and easily replaceable. Our blade Insert  is designed to last longer, cutting through roots and hard ground with ease.

Replacing your cutting edge insert  will cost

less than half the price of a whole new blade.





IMT Underground Products provides several different options including

our standard irrigation, wire chute and combo blades to fit a variety of machines

all using this unique system. We are continuing to bring innovation and

imagination to the underground

utilities market.

Contact us today!

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